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Shower Head Turbofan Injection

Shower Head Turbofan Injection

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Key Features:

  • High-Pressure Performance: This shower head is designed to deliver a high-pressure water stream, offering a powerful and enjoyable shower experience. Say goodbye to weak and dribbling water pressure.

  • Turbofan Technology: Featuring hydraulic injection turbofan technology, this shower head increases water pressure while conserving water, making it both efficient and eco-friendly.

  • Easy Installation: Installing this shower head is a breeze. It's compatible with most standard shower hoses, so you can quickly upgrade your shower without the need for a plumber. 

1. Special propeller design: Powerful jet water mode, Water flow for wind turbine turbocharging, which can helps to quickly clean off stains and foam from the body. It's also an excellent choice for pet showers. 

2. High-pressure shower head: Featuring a unique internal structure and air intake technology, it provides a powerful water flow even with low water flow and low water pressure. 

3. Easy to install: Just screw to any standard shower pipe. Easily attaches to any standard shower pipe. No plumber needed Powerful filtration system. The booster shower is fitted with a pp filter element that filters bacteria, sediment, iron filings, dust, etc. from the water. Can solve the problem of skin allergies after you take a shower.

4. High quality ABS material: The shower shell is made of ABS material, and the special manufacturing process makes the shell highly transparent. At the same time, the design of the turbo fan makes the shower more flexible and interesting. 

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