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Muscle Stimulator Abdominal Body Slimming Belt

Muscle Stimulator Abdominal Body Slimming Belt

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EMS Electric Abdominal Body Slimming Belt Waist Band Smart Abdomen Muscle Stimulator Abs Trainer Fitness Lose Weight Fat Burn

Introducing our amazing EMS Electric Abdominal Body Slimming Belt, perfect for fitness lovers looking to achieve a toned and slim body in time for summer. Here's why you'll love it:

  • High-quality and big size: Made with the best materials, this belt is durable and designed to last. With a length of 115cm, it fits most waist sizes comfortably.
  • Multiple modes: With the electrodos Estimulador muscular and abdominal toning belt features, you can enjoy multiple modes for muscle relaxation and toning of various body parts such as the waist, arms, legs, and abdomen.
  • Easy to use: The belt is operated by a simple belt-type method, making it easy to use and convenient to bring with you wherever you go.
  • Smart technology: The EMS technology and smart muscle stimulator automatically adjust to your body shape and fitness level, ensuring a personalized and effective workout.
  • Fast results: By using this EMS belt regularly, you can quickly burn fat and lose weight, achieving the toned and slim body you desire just in time for summer.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Before use, wet the skin for best results.
  • If you experience slight tingling during use, it's normal, and you can simply wet the skin to alleviate it.
  • If you need an extension strap, we offer an option to accommodate your needs.
  • Beginners should start at a low gear to avoid discomfort.

Invest in the EMS Electric Abdominal Body Slimming Belt today and experience the benefits of this amazing fitness tool!




[Touch panel & LCD screen]

The controller of the improved new model is equipped with an LCD screen. The mode and intensity are displayed on the LCD screen. When you wear it on your body and use it, you can check the operating state clearly (mode type, Massage strength). You can enjoy training clearly and with peace of mind. The touch panel makes it easy to operate.

[Strong model & easy to operate]

The abdominal muscle belt has 10 types of modes and 39levels of strength. The EMS abdominal muscle belt is equipped with an LCD screen that displays the mode and strength. Intensity and mode can be selected by just touching the screen. You can enjoy training clearly.

[Good quality material & efficiency training]

It is soft to the touch using a highly flexible soft material. A healthy EMS belt made from conductive conductive cloth that does not burden the skin. Using the abdominal muscle belt for 20 minutes is equivalent to jogging 1500m, abdominal muscle training 30 minutes, and swimming 30 minutes.

[USB charging & No NEED gel sheet ]

It is economical to use repeatedly. It uses a USB rechargeable type and does not require battery replacement. It can be charged from a laptop computer, mobile battery, smartphone charger, in-car power supply, etc. with a simple connection.




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