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HD Mini Printer Android IOS

HD Mini Printer Android IOS

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­čľĘ´ŞĆ Imprimanta Portabil─â Olaf Mini: Solu╚Ťia ta de Tip─ârire Portabil─â

Caracteristici Cheie:

­čÜÇ Tip─ârire Termic─â: Imprimanta Portabil─â Olaf Mini folose╚Öte tehnologia de tip─ârire termic─â, asigur├ónd o tip─ârire eficient─â, economic─â ╚Öi f─âr─â cerneal─â, ├«n alb ╚Öi negru.

­čô▒ Conectivitate F─âr─â Fir: Cu conectivitatea Bluetooth, po╚Ťi tip─âri u╚Öor de pe dispozitivele tale Android sau iOS, f─âr─â b─ât─âi de cap legate de cabluri sau conexiuni la re╚Ťea.

­čîč Tip─ârire de ├Änalt─â Vitez─â: Bucur─â-te de o vitez─â remarcabil─â de tip─ârire de 33 ppm, ceea ce o face perfect─â pentru tip─ârirea rapid─â ╚Öi eficient─â a etichetelor, stickerelor ╚Öi documentelor.

­čĆ×´ŞĆ Design Portabil: Compact─â, u╚Öoar─â ╚Öi incredibil de portabil─â, Imprimanta Portabil─â Olaf Mini este conceput─â pentru nevoile de tip─ârire ├«n mi╚Öcare. Po╚Ťi s─â o iei cu tine oriunde te duci!


­čĆĚ´ŞĆ Nume Produs: Imprimanta Portabil─â Mini

­čľĘ´ŞĆ Parametrii de Tip─ârire: 200DPI

­čľî´ŞĆ Metod─â de Tip─ârire: Tip─ârire termic─â f─âr─â cerneal─â, alb ╚Öi negru

­čöő Capacitate Baterie: Baterie litiu 1200mA 3.7V, ├«nc─ârcare 2A

­čôä H├órtie de Tip─ârire: 57X25mm

­čôí Metod─â Conexiune: Tip─ârire wireless f─âr─â cerneal─â prin Bluetooth

­čôŽ Lista de Expediere: Unitatea imprimant─â, cablu de ├«nc─ârcare, manual de utilizare, 1 rol─â de h├órtie de tip─ârire

­čôť H├órtie: Aproximativ 20 de grame per rol─â

­čîÉ Specifica╚Ťii de Limb─â: Englez─â, Francez─â, Italian─â, Spaniol─â, German─â, Greac─â, Polonez─â, Portughez─â

­čôĆ Dimensiune Produs: 110 X 80 X 35 MM

ÔÜľ´ŞĆ Greutate Bruta: Aproximativ 200g/unitate

├Ämbun─ât─â╚Ťe╚Öte-╚Ťi experien╚Ťa de tip─ârire cu Imprimanta Portabil─â Olaf Mini. Indiferent dac─â trebuie s─â tip─âre╚Öti etichete, documente sau fotografii, aceast─â imprimant─â portabil─â ofer─â vitez─â, confort ╚Öi calitate. Salut─â tip─ârirea f─âr─â griji ╚Öi adopt─â viitorul tip─âririi eficiente ╚Öi wireless cu Olaf.



­čôŁ User Guide and Important Information ­čôŁ

Getting Started:

  1. Ensure that your mobile device's Bluetooth is turned on and in discovery mode before attempting to connect to the printer.

  2. Your printer features a built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, and it can be charged via the 5V-MicroUSB port.

  3. Enjoy high-quality prints with a resolution of 203dpi using thermal/no ink printing technology.

  4. The printer supports black and white printing and uses consumables with specifications of 57 * 30mm.

  5. It connects seamlessly via Bluetooth BLE4.0 for easy wireless printing. The print media used is thermal paper.

  6. This printer supports both iOS and Android operating systems, enabling you to print labels, name tags, photos, and more.

  7. The recommended print format is 57mm.

App Download and Compatibility:

  • Android Version: For Android devices, please search and download "FunPrint iPrint" via Google Play. The app is compatible with Android 4.0 and above, but we recommend using a system version of 5.0 and above for the best experience.

  • Apple Version: If you're using an Apple device, search for "FunPrint iPrint" directly from the Apple App Store. The app supports iOS 10.0 and above, with a recommended system version of 11.0 and above.

Printing Tips:

  1. Proper paper placement is essential for successful printing. Please consult the instructions for the correct paper loading procedure to prevent printing issues.

  2. The printer uses thermally sensitive paper, and the text will remain legible for approximately 1 year (theoretical time).

  3. For optimal results, use the following original printing paper sizes: 57X25mm, 57X28mm, 57X30mm. Original printing paper can be purchased for easy replacement.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the purpose of the "FunPrint iPrint" app?

A: The "FunPrint iPrint" app is used for seamless connectivity between your mobile device and the printer, allowing you to control and manage your printing tasks efficiently.

Q: How do I download and use the app?

A: Follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Search for the "FunPrint" app on Google Play or scan the QR code in the manual to download.
  • Step 2: Enable Bluetooth and network connections, log in to the app, register an account, and sign in.
  • Step 3: Click on "Device Binding" within the app to connect your device to the printer. You're now ready to print!

Q: My prints are not coming out; what could be the issue?

A: Two possibilities exist. First, check if you are using thermosensitive paper or self-adhesive paper. If using self-adhesive paper, confirm the paper direction as it may be reversed. Try changing the direction to resolve the issue. Second, if the printer has been in use for an extended period, it might generate heat, which can cause temporary printing issues. Please wait for more than ten minutes before attempting to print again.

Q: What is the size of the printing paper?

A: The printer supports the following original printing paper sizes: 57X25mm, 57X28mm, 57X30mm. Original printing paper can be purchased to ensure the correct paper size.

Q: Why are my prints unclear?

A: To achieve clear prints, please consider the following:

  • Avoid selecting large photos, as they may not be suitable for the paper's size, leading to blurry printing.
  • Ensure your device is fully charged for optimal results.
  • Select photos with clear contrast for better printing quality.
  • Adjust the printing density to "deep" in the printing settings when printing images.
  • This printer is best suited for text and cartoon pattern printing.

Q: What comes in the standard printer configuration?

A: The standard configuration includes a roll of 57 * 25mm thermal printing paper. Please note that this paper cannot be used for self-adhesive purposes due to its thermal sensitivity.


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Customer Reviews

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Johnson Bauch

9 days delivery. It works if you install the Fun Print app and is connected to bluetooth. Small and easy to carry. Wonderful gadget.

Gerardo Bechtelar

It is a good little one according to the description comes with a roll of paper it looks excellent quality I will go to try it and then I will upload more reviews it seems fair with the price that was given and it is spectacular without a doubt I will buy again

Tressa Gleason

Arrival in 6 days, the item as the description.
The seller support DDP

Ben Heaney

It looks very good. Great attention and seller. Many thanks!

Kayley Auer

Wireless thermal stickers printer works well Zayed good delivery and shop shipped quickly