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Bluetooth Speaker Makeup Mirror Clock Wireless Charger

Bluetooth Speaker Makeup Mirror Clock Wireless Charger

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2023 New Multi -function LED Mirror Alarm Clock Wireless Charger Digital Clock Time USB Table Clock


  • Al Intelligent Smart: Enjoy an intelligent and beautiful life with ease.
  • The Nine Cores: A new embodiment of powerful functions.
  • Goddess's New Favorite: A high-definition acrylic cosmetic mirror with a sleek design.
  • 360-degree Independence: Sealed sound cavity design for an immersive sound experience.
  • Clock display Alarm clock setting: Humanized functional design to meet your daily needs.

This multi-functional device is not your ordinary lamp. It combines an intelligent Bluetooth speaker, a wireless phone charger, a digital clock LED lamp, and a makeup LED mirror, all in one. With the Al Intelligent Smart technology, you can enjoy a beautiful and intelligent life, making your daily routine effortless.

The Nine Cores are the new embodiment of powerful functions, giving you everything you need in one device. The sealed sound cavity design provides you with an immersive sound experience, making it perfect for listening to your favorite music or podcast.

The high-definition acrylic cosmetic mirror has a sleek design, making it the new favorite of goddesses. The clock display and alarm clock setting are humanized functional designs that meet your daily needs.

Product Information:

  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Makeup LED mirror
  • Alarm clock
  • Box Material: Metal
  • Color: White, Blue
  • Size: 210 * 60 * 160mm

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