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Air Compressor 500W

Air Compressor 500W

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Key Features:

  1. Dual Functionality: This device serves as both an air duster and an air pump, making it a versatile tool for various applications.

  2. Efficient Cleaning: Blast away dust, debris, and crumbs from your computer, PC, or laptop keyboard with ease, ensuring your devices stay clean and functional.

  3. Inflating Power: Use it to inflate swimming rings, inflatable toys, and more, saving you time and effort compared to manual inflation.

  4. Powerful 500W Motor: With a 500W motor, it delivers the air pressure needed for effective cleaning and inflation. 

【5.1 Oz: Unparalleled Blowing Force】

Unlike other air dusters that blow only a weak wind which is difficult to clean anything. Equipped with a 500W high power motor, this electric air duster can produce strong blowing force up to 5.1oz(43m/s), which is insanely powerful for blowing dust or crumbs out of cracks or corners in the keyboard, computer, PC host, car, air conditioner, etc.

【No Need for Air Cans Anymore】

Still spending a lot on expensive canned air? Try this electric air blower, which can be used every time you plug it in and generate more powerful air pressure far more than canned air, thus leaving it a great alternative to those air cans. No need to put a dent on your wallet on endless air cans, and also no need to suffer with chemical odor and residue.

【2 Speeds Adjustable】

Electric air Blower has two speeds for you to choose from based on what's to be cleaned, and can be easily switched in between by simple button operation: Press down on gear "Ⅰ" for low speed, press down on gear "Ⅱ"for high speed, and gear "O" for power OFF.

【Quick Inflation Air Pump With 3 Nozzles/Adapters】

Install the inflation nozzle to this compressed air blower, you will get an electric air pump immediately! 3-size nozzles included to widely address your inflation needs for blowing up various inflatable devices with ease and speed, like air mattresses, swimming rings, balloons, inflatable pools, and more.

【Handheld and Easy to Use】

This electric air blower is portable and lightweight, and comes with a total of 6 attachments for multiple purposes of both dusting and inflating. The power cord long for 9.84ft helps do cleanings distantly and flexibly without asking for extension cables. Eave upgraded compressed air duster is a real expert at cleaning the most stubborn with the least elbow grease!

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